Be Heart!

Be Your HeartOur world is changing. Our consciousness is changing. All around us we see economic change, political upheavals, environmental challenges, spiritual expansion. Changes in values, how we create peace, how we educate our children, what is meaningful in life.

We are experiencing great personal change and global change - and it is happening fast!

With change always comes challenge - but now it is harder and harder to understand and solve our challenges with the tools we are familiar with, whether mental analysis, emotional intelligence, our traditional spiritual practices.

We need new ways to find solutions, new light to shine and illuminate our path forward, new inspiration to uplift and give hope, and hew healing that clears the past and sets us free of old limitations. 

We need the light and truth of the heart!

The heart is the seat of the soul. It is the sacred place within that nourishes life - both physical life, and inner life. It is the place of deep inner truth - and when we need to solve deep challenges, we need that deep truth and loving embrace to find the right solutions.

Heart consciousness is awakening in our world, and is the great inspiration of our times. 

We need to find that true consciousness of heart, and understand and solve our challenges - personally, locally, and globally.

There is More Heart!

We can't find solutions using the tried and true ways of the past because we need to awaken our deep inner heart - not only personally, but globally.  The beautiful synchronicity of life's flows mean that as we are challenged to find more heart - there is more heart around us, and it is easier to access.  Energy, light and love - the inner nourishment we have always sought to make sense of life - is more and more imbued with the consciousness of heart. And the outer reflects the inner: more than ever before, you see hearts in windows, hearts on signs, hearts on clothes, hearts to label food and services, hearts in advertisements. Hearts to remind us to care, hearts to show we love.

The Inner Heart

Our physical heart gives the flow of physical life. But we also have an inner heart, a place of inner light, and the flows that inner light through our being to give meaning, purpose and joy in life.

The inner heart is our sanctuary, our creative wellspring of hope, the part of our consciousness that knows when we are on our life’s path, and that reminds us when something needs to change.  It flows that deeper truth, love and light through our awareness, to keep our hopes up, our spirits high, and our life in the flow.  It keeps us shining through our day, and shines the light on how to move forward through our challenges.

When our inner heart is radiant, we shine with light!

When we consciously awaken that inner heart light, we become conscious creators of a heart-filled life.  We energize the positive change we seek, and make a heart-felt difference for ourselves, our families, our community, our world ... everything we care about!

Getting into the Heart!

While there might be hearts everywhere, it’s not always easy to see, know and feel your own inner heart light and the guidance it gives you.

We are conditioned to analyze with our mind. Our feelings can take us from the highest altruistic motivation to the most challenging negative reaction. And neither mind nor feelings can give us the depth of insight and certainty of answers we need to negotiate the challenges of life in our world today, and find our pathway of fulfillment and love.  

We need more, and that more comes from the inner heart.


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